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Our company was born in 2014, willing to respond to a high number of demands in labour necesity of romanian workres on international market. We stood up from the beginning due to a strict recruitement, this way offering on labour market not only highly quallified workers, but also a class of personnel very efficient, able to succesfully handel any situation, candidates worth of the prestige of companies using them.


This way, some french entrepreneurs, with more than 20 years of experience in international assets, managed to rapidly develop two recruitement centers, in Romania and Bulgaria, constantly willing toextend to other centers in European capitals.


We managed to obtain this performance both by using our own resources, orientation towards our client needs, his professional necessities, well understanding the mentality of our clients given that we share the origins of entrepreneurial environment, and also by successfully manipulating external resources, having good relations with our employees, staying near them and their demands, all with the goal of detachement efficiency. Humanis Interim founders seeked to always understand at their best the clients’demands, in order to offer suitable responses and fulfill the solicitations entierely.

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Why choose us

Why choose us

In France or Belgium, several areas of activity are in permanent search of qualified and willing manpower. The key to succes in our business consists in the security that we provide, both to our clients and to our employees. We are always available for our clients and our detached workers. Solving their issues is a priority for us.


Our role is not only to ease access to foreign companies to qualified and well-trained personnel, but also to offer complete and effective solutions to employment responsibilities. We treat for our clients every single stage of employment. It is all in our duty, from selecting and recruiting, to ensure the employees are well declared and registered. This way, our client can easily pursue his activity by ensuring targets achievement.


The labor we put on the market has many qualifications, in various areas of activity such as:


  • Industry
  • Transportation, logistics, distribution
  • Merchandise manipulation
  • Agronomy
  • Computer science
  • Building construction
  • Hotels/restaurants
  • Health / social media

Roumania and Bulgaria have a huge amount of workers to offer. And workers are willing to be at our client’s disposal.

We deserve to be your first choice because we are professionals in our activity, we pay attention to your needs and we are always available for you.

We know that employment may consume many resources in a company. However, we also believe that these resources would surely be better used in achieving anything else. Therefore, we engage to make a very strict selection, and all we ask from you is to validate our candidats.

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We have chosen to collaborate with SC Humanis Interim SRL due to its particular qualities and services provided and due to the efficiency of the provided recruiting process.
Also, through the professionalism of its members, SC Humanis Interim SRL always provided the support in choosing the best options and solutions for our punctual applications.
To sum up, we recommend SC Humanis Interim SRL as a professional and trustworthy collaborator for any company with which it will relate, and I appreciate its quality services and the flexibility of the solutions provided, which favourably differentiates it from its competitors.

Jordan Rouch
JS Services

The collaboration between SCI Nogent Saint Hilaire and SC Humanis Interim SRL began in 2016.
The excellent collaboration, warm atmosphere, impeccable technical outfitting and the professionalism which characterizes this company, are seen as the main attributes underlying a collaboration which we consider to be of an exceptional kind.

Nicolas Hirel
SCI Nogent Saint Hilaire

Apart from promptness and reliability, through its whole team appointed for carrying out these projects, the SC Humanis Interim SRL partner stood out as a serious professional in executing all assumed contractual tasks, both in the quality of the products, as well as in meeting the implementation deadlines. We recommend the collaboration with SC Humanis Interim SRL to other companies as well.

Terrasse Industries


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Address: Str. Ştefan Negulescu nr 9, et 3, Sector 1, Bucureşti


National recruitment

Mobile: +40 757 028 624

E-mail: recrutare@humanisinterim.com


International recruitment

Mobile: +40 757 903 303

E-mail: office@humanisinterim.com



Address: Str. Hidzhi Dimitar, Nr. 17, Et. 2, Sofia, Bulgaria

Mobile: +359 889 303 420

E-mail: bulgaria@humanisinterim.com